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David "Tuffy" Owens is a tireless promoter of his stable of horse shows. Beginning with weekly email blasts in the lead-up to the shows to campaigning for year-end awards, he carries the banner for his horse shows all year long. Attending all of the major industry conventions allows Tuffy to promote his shows in person to the horse trainers and exhibitors all throughout the off-season.

Perhaps the most impressive thing to note is that in three years as a show manager, AMP horse shows have never been beaten for a UPHA Chapter Honor Show of the Year award, except by another AMP horse show! Tuffy was one of just two show managers to receive multiple Chapter Honor Show banners at the 2016 Super Convention in Boston. The other manager was Tuffy's good friend and mentor, Kent Moeller.

Take your show to the next level with AMP Horse Show Services.

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